Thoughts on Giving Up Chocolate and Other Spiritual Lenten Practices

A personal reflectionby MariAnn Paladino So, for me it all started with me giving up chocolate for Lent as a kid. It made me appreciate that Easter basket filled with chocolate, new dress, coat, and pocketbook on Easter morning even more! Thankfully, I have grown since that time and have developed better Lenten practices that… Continue reading Thoughts on Giving Up Chocolate and Other Spiritual Lenten Practices

Choosing the Right Community for Your Loved One

Sometimes the best next step is placement in an eldercare community. There are so many facilities to choose from, it can be hard to figure out where to start. While eldercare communities can provide necessary assistance for activities such as housekeeping, meals, rehabilitation services, and skilled nursing care, there are many factors to consider when… Continue reading Choosing the Right Community for Your Loved One

Easter Devotional 2021

“Take a Hope Inventory” At every holiday season, we usually take an inventory. The holiday box gets pulled out and we see if we have what we need for the coming celebration. If you haven’t already, you will pull out the “Easter” box to take inventory, linens, decorations, baskets, straw, the Paas egg coloring, etc.… Continue reading Easter Devotional 2021

Importance of Spirituality

The Oxford definition of spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. However, it’s so much more than that. Spirituality comes from your inner energy that is expressed through your thoughts, feelings and actions found within. Some people find that spirituality is linked to their… Continue reading Importance of Spirituality

St. Julie Novena

Please join us in celebration of Julie Billiart, who was canonized a saint on June 22, 1969, and let us continue to experience and share God’s goodness each and every day, even in difficult and challenging situations. The Novena, beginning on Monday, June 22. The Feast of Saint Julie is offered here with daily reflections.… Continue reading St. Julie Novena

NDEBC Welcomes Back Sister Gerry Stanton

NDEBC is pleased to welcome back Sr. Gerry Stanton of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur! Sister Gerry assists our students in preparing Citizenship applications and studying/prepping for the Naturalization interview. Sister Gerry joined fellow SNDdeN’s Sr. Ellen Dabrieo and Sr. Marie Prefontaine at the Humanitarian Respite Center run by Catholic Charities on the… Continue reading NDEBC Welcomes Back Sister Gerry Stanton

Valentine’s Day Celebration

Today, is a time to celebrate love, family and friendship and the special people in our lives. NDHC’s Music Therapist, Tamilyn Little, MT-BC, has been working on a project to help pediatric hospice patients and their families connect in an extraordinary and everlasting way. Tami blends her own customized musical recording of a song selected… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Celebration