Importance of Spirituality

The Oxford definition of spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. However, it’s so much more than that.

Spirituality comes from your inner energy that is expressed through your thoughts, feelings and actions found within. Some people find that spirituality is linked to their relationship with God or a higher power.  Others believe spirituality is found in nature or art. When it comes down to it, every single person has spirituality that helps lead them to finding meaning in their life with the relationships they have with themselves, friends and family, the natural world that surrounds them, and beyond.

Why is spirituality important for your wellness?

Spiritual practices can bring better health and wellbeing for many reasons such as:

•  Induce feelings of calm and mindfulness: Spiritual practices such as meditation can help clear our minds of all the noise brought on by life’s challenges. By relieving stress and learning to regulate our emotions, this can in return improve our mental health and even physical health including chronic pain, blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

•  Strengthen feelings of hope and compassion: We all experience life’s hardships one way or another. Through spirituality, we are able to overcome those dark times with a sense of comfort and support. Whether your relationship is with God or your higher power, practicing spirituality such as prayer can help reduce your chances of suffering from depression and anxiety leaving you to live a more positive life.

•  Provide a clear meaning of life and its purpose: While the meaning of life may vary from person to person, spirituality helps us to search for that purpose with our own values and actions. Just as it gives mindfulness and hope, spirituality brings a positive outlook and a sense of self-worth as we search for life’s meaning all of which helps guide us towards a better and even longer life.

At Notre Dame Health Care, we provide our community with a variety of programs and experiences that are committed to the spirituality of each person. We celebrate and respect the dignity of each person as they continue to grow and develop their unique relationships with God, self and others through the following activities:

•  Daily Mass
•  Ecumenical services
•  Prayer groups
•  Holy Hour for Peace
•  Retreat days
•  Spirituality groups
•  Pastoral visits
•  Alzheimer’s Support Services
•  Bereavement Support Group
•  Guest speakers on topics that stretch the hearts and minds of our residents

We hope you’ll join us and our journey to providing spirituality to the wellness of our community.