Tips for Talking About Making the Move to Assisted Living

Tips for talking about making the move to assisted living.

Talking with senior parents about the transition to Assisted Living often presents new communication challenges. Many seniors fear leaving their homes and all they know, which might prevent them from openly discussing the idea. Due to the uncertainty of how parents will react, adult children might even avoid the topic altogether.

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, more than 800,000 people live in Assisted Living communities nationwide, with a general growth trend predicted as the population ages. So the data shows there will be a significant need for Assisted Living in the future. While any move is a major adjustment, the transition to Assisted Living provides seniors with many perks, including a renewed social life, increased independence, and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Read on to learn our favorite tips for talking to your loved one about making the move to Assisted Living..

Build trust.

You can strengthen your bond with your loved one by being open, honest, compassionate, and by following through with the promises you make to them. Then, when it comes time to bring up the move to senior living, you’ll (ideally) be on the same page about the decision. A good way to decide is to visit several Assisted Living communities in person to get a sense of how they function and have the opportunity to talk with residents and the sales team. It’s easy to schedule a tour of Notre Dame Health Care’s du Lac Assisted Living Residence.

Practice empathy.

Many seniors fear a loss of autonomy or independence. Keeping your heart open to hearing your loved one’s concerns will make them feel better understood and will likely make them more receptive to the idea of moving to Assisted Living. Educate them on the benefits of an Assisted Living community and how living there will actually help them maintain their independence. They can focus on what they enjoy while housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation are handled by Notre Dame du Lac Assisted Living Residence’s experienced team.

Do your research.

Getting an idea of how much senior housing can cost is a good place to begin your research. Contact Notre Dame du Lac Assisted Living Residence for further details and rates on Assisted Living floor plans. Knowing the general cost of Assisted Living will help both you and your parents make informed decisions when it comes time to order their finances.

Keep an open mind.

Consider having the conversation in a comfortable setting that your loved one  knows well. Start with something like, “I realize it might be a little uncomfortable to talk about, but I won’t know your feelings until you share them. We don’t have to decide anything today, but let’s start a discussion to keep this living option in mind to prepare for the future.”

We know these topics might pose a challenge for your loved one, especially if it’s your first time around. We hope the preceding tips have given you techniques to use when broaching the topic with your parents.

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