St. Julie’s 3rd Visit to NDHC in 2020

St. Julie Visited NDHC
by Sue Strandberg

To check on her people and see what she could see.
The masks were still present on residents and staff.
The gown on Flat Elvis made her stifle a laugh!

Although some regulations had eased a small bit
The COVID Team prepped for a new surge to hit.
PPE Storage was filled to the top
And Shelley and Deb were working nonstop.
So was Activities staff in Long Term,
Keeping residents busy and safe from all harm.
Du Lac staff was very creative for all
With small group distanced programs and van trips with Paul.

Family visits brought joy to each face
Even with no hugging and distance in place.
The courtyards were gorgeous; the temperatures hot,
And each person was grateful for each visit she got.

Testing continued for all staff at ND,
The process unpleasant but necessary.
And if anyone felt that the price was too high
All of our loved ones reminded us why.

Staff continued to learn and our standards were tough
Because doing our best might not be good enough.
The virus could not be allowed to step in
And take any more of our residents or kin.

The seasons changed over from summer to fall.
A chill nipped the air; one felt by us all.
All the protections that had been put in place
Were geared for nice weather with the sun’s warm embrace.

In addition to COVID, the world wasn’t at peace.
There were riots in the cities and fights in the streets.
A contentious election, economic woes
And plenty of stress in addition to those.

St. Julie was pleased with the SNDs stand
For racial equality across our great land.
Our Hallmarks remind us that our lives, more than words,
Are the ways we show respect to those whom we serve.
Diversity, community, justice and learning
Display the Goodness of God for which we’re all yearning.

2020 has been a hard year so far.
But we’re up for the challenge as we usually are!
The pandemic may not yet be nearing its end
But we will make it through with St. Julie, our friend.